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As you relax & enjoy getting you hair done, you probably have never thought NOT EVERYONE can afford to have a haircut. Self-confidence is so important in taking positive steps to improve your life. Check your Facebook or Twitter feed and you are instantly aware of how hard life is for our fellow Aussies - Domestic Violence, Homelessness, children living below the poverty line, Depression and horribly high rates of male suicide. The last thing on a persons list is a haircut, but it makes such a difference when they receive a free haircut, hug and a pamper pack.

Hairdresser Of The Month: 

We have partnered with Hairdressers and Barbers  ALL AROUND AUSTRALIA.. Together we provide FREE HAIRCUTS TO AUSSIES DOING IT TOUGH. We visit homeless shelters, Womens Refuges, Community Centres and parks where our Aussie homeless sleep

Customer of the Week

Meet Mama from our regular serice at Oasis Youth Centre. Mama is writing a book about the struggles of ICE.